Hilltop Lofts 79 Bachelor Apartment Carlswald Midrand Gauteng

I have stayed with my parents for twenty-two years of my life in Carlswald Noordwyk being the first girl in a family of three children. I was working as a cashier at Baby Boom Carlswald Shopping Centre for three months, but I signed a two-year contract on that company. I just decided of starting my new life alone since I was getting a monthly income and have my own belongings. It did not take me time to get an apartment since my other work mate who was staying in Hilltop lofts told me about the available apartment that was standing empty and was to let by Feel-at-Home Properties. I talked to my parents about the new idea and they really supported me.

I arranged to view the place and the apartment was Hilltop Lofts No 79 which is a beautiful one-bachelor apartment and was very suitable for me since I was staying alone. There is also a one bathroom with a loft that has an open living area. The kitchen is so beautiful with modern cupboards and there is also a private balcony that shows a beautiful view of the complex. Since it was my first time to visit the complex, I loved the way it is kept safe and secure with guards operating 247 and the access gate that controls in going and outgoing traffic. The beautiful complex which has a lot of apartments and fully walled with electric fence.

My parents bought me a small red Fiat Panda as my 21st birthday present so I parked it on the visitors parking while viewing the area, but Hilltop 79 has one covered parking on the apartment. The complex has a clubhouse for different activities a communal braai which is a beautiful area and a swimming pool to relax during a hot day. I loved the place and moved in immediately since it was time, I wanted to start my life.

As a person who did not have much property except clothes, I just packed them neatly in the built-in cupboards in my bedroom and went to buy my groceries at Carlswald Lifestyle Shopping Centre. To my advantage, the apartment was situated close to my workplace and my families place. They would visit me some weekends to see how I am keeping and sometimes I would just drive to her place to see the family. It was not long until I got the apartment filled and I already had friends staying in the same complex that would sometimes come and take me for braai since most of the times I would be sleeping after work.

The different cultures have taught me a lot of life lessons and I have become more familiar with the activities in the complex because I knew how to get along with different people although swimming was not my hobby at all. I never regret the step I took in life because I lived my life at Hilltop Loft No 79.

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Hilltop Lofts 79 Bachelor Apartment Carlswald Midrand Gauteng