Home isn’t a place it’s a feeling (HT36)

Just finishing my three-year course of business management at University of Johannesburg was so relieving since I was going to look for a one-year attachment at any place in Johannesburg. […]

SA Rent in 2021 | Is your rental value fair?

The record-low interest rate has technically made it cheaper to buy than rent. However, those without the necessary costs to apply for a bond and transfer property onto their name, continue to […]

Reasons to love being a real estate agent

Choosing to become an estate agent is no longer a stop-gap or part-time job, but a real career choice with excellent prospects. It is an option definitely worth considering for […]

Massacre for buy-to-let landlords

More than one in five properties in Sandton and along the Atlantic Seaboard is standing vacant. The worst-performing area in TPN’s survey is the Atlantic Seaboard, where 24.4% of properties […]