Benefits of Living in an Apartment versus a Dorm

As a freshman at Pearson Institute of Higher Education in Midrand dorm rooms where cool to live in but I have observed that dorm rooms are notoriously small and sharing one with a roommate can make it more cramped. Such conditions could simply become unsuitable as you mature. Talked about it with my family and they decided to rent an unfurnished apartment for me in Carlswald because they are cheaper than furnished apartments.

This second-floor unit have a lot more space than the dorm I was staying. That includes more storage, larger kitchens, a real living room and your own bedroom.  HT130 offers open plan kitchen, 1-bedroom loft area with a separate bathroom, covered patio and one covered parking. This complex offers a clubhouse with a swimming pool and braai facilities for entertainment.

Dorms are full of rules, from curfews to restrictions on overnight guests. This beautiful apartment has general rules about pets, noise levels, amenity usage and occupancy. However, aren’t nearly as restrictive as those found in dorms.  I could leave or come back when i want, party as much as i want, have as guests as I want and basically do whatever i want as long as it’s legal and non-destructive. Hilltop Lofts Security Complex offers 24-hour access control with security guards and is basically a safe and secure place.

Living off campus basically gives you a gentle push into adulthood and becoming more independent which was the best experience. It gave me lots of new responsibilities. I was able to budget for rent, bills and other expenses. Cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and performing basic maintenance on my living space was part of my daily life. I became more understanding person than before and capable of signing contracts as well. Communicating and developing relationships with professionals that provide a service to me especially with the friendly Feel-at-Home Properties team, the guards at the gate and neighbours as well.

The city is relatively modern, having experienced much growth in the last decade. Many businesses have relocated there due to its proximity to good highway links and its location. Suburbs that are generally regarded as being in Midrand: Country View, Carlswald, Crowthorne, Glen Austin, Halfway House, Halfway Gardens, Vorna Valley, Noordwyk, Randjesfontein.

Renting my own apartment allowed me to hold my own hours and do my own things. Gaining life experience, setting my own rules and gaining access to a wide array of amenities. A new city, more responsibility and lot to learn in my adulthood.