A Rare Gem 4 Bedroom Condominium in Hatfield Pretoria, East

Hatfield is a suburb in Pretoria, South Africa with a high density of students and student accommodation due to its proximity to the University of Pretoria’s main campus. The lovely, sedate neighbourhood of Hatfield has become known as the embassy suburb. This is because of the inclination of embassies to move into the large homes that grace the area, which does, in turn, give one an indication of their size. Hatfield lies in the heart of Pretoria. Located just outside the city centre between Arcadia and Lynnwood.

This suburb is close to the University and to Loftus Versfeld stadium. It underwent a multi-million-rand facelift to prepare it for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It has its own burgeoning business area, and the Hatfield Plaza with its shops and entertainment. As well as a number of restaurants, are all located in the suburb. The centre of Pretoria is only about 5 kilometres from Hatfield. Provides a good day’s outing if you take in the monuments, museums, old buildings and green spaces.

There are lot of activities to do in Hatfield which can be memorable. Stop for tea at the Stables at Melrose House, just across from Burger’s Park. The park may no longer constantly be the site of midday picnics, but morning or afternoon tea is still high on the agenda, and guided tours through the house a must.

In the other direction entirely, the National Botanical Gardens in Cussonia Avenue just beyond the CSIR beckon any visitor to Pretoria, and from Hatfield it is an easy trip to make. The beautiful garden is divided in two by a 50-metre-high quartzite outcrop. Paved nature trails make navigating the fascinating natural vegetation a pleasure. Take along a picnic and you’re set for a day of enjoyment.

My fiancée and I were both working at University Pretoria. We found a rare gem. A beautiful house that is to let by Feel-at-Home Properties. Festival Street is a very clean and nice property highly maintained as well as easily accessible.

It offers space and comfort for those seeking large open spaces with bedrooms to match. It has four beautifully spacious bedrooms with built in cupboards as well as tiled floors, staff quarters and laundromat. Newly installed automated garage. An open spaced kitchen perfect for making meals for the family as well as dining room area to enjoy family dinners. The lounge has ample space for everyone to relax and unwind.

Festivals Street is an Ultra-modern well-established house. Excellent located walking distance from the University of Pretoria. Situated near major amenities. Malls, Embassies, Hotels, university as well as a quick and easy access to N1/N4 highways.

The home itself is tranquil and calm and very quiet place that is very secure. Solidly built it offers upmarket accommodation as well as space to style your own dream.